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GK Insurance testimonial: Livelihood Protection Policy


   - GK Insurance

Date of Release:

  February 2019


The climate risk adaptation and insurance in the Caribbean (CRAIC) project, in collaboration with MCII, has now paid out in Jamaica too!

Listen to the story of Gary Watson, a local banana farmer in the parish of St. Mary who has been growing the crop for more than a decade on his family-owned farm. Banana farming is known to be a tricky business as it generally carries lots of risk factors. Gary took out a Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) from our partner GK Insurance to protect his banana farm. Having been hit by a severe rain storm, he benefited from a quick pay-out being made available in his bank account within 14 days after the event without the need for any additional claims documentation. This hassle-free cash injection enabled him to bounce in his work than he could otherwise.

See the video below from when he welcomed us to his farm and elaborated more on his experience and how he has managed to thrive as a result.