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Promoting microinsurance products: A 10-step planning model

Duration: 2 days


A study done by the Facility found that microinsurers continue to struggle to stimulate and sustain demand for their products partly because of long held and significant audience barriers to purchase. This training will enable practitioners to design more successful promotion campaigns for microinsurance products using a 10-step Promotion Planning Model that can help overcome these obstacles and stimulate demand for their offerings.

Training Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyse a 10-step model for guiding the development, implementation and evaluation of a strategic promotion campaign.
  • Explore how that framework has been applied by microinsurance providers in different environments.
  • Draft a promotion campaign for their own institution using the 10-step model.
  • Articulate how customer-oriented market research can be used to strengthen promotion campaigns.

Who could benefit from the training:

  • Individuals responsible for marketing microinsurance products
  • Managers of microinsurance projects who are interested in developing their promotion campaign
  • Individuals who already have substantial experience in marketing, but have limited understanding about the low-income market


Throughout the sessions, participants will be guided through each step of the 10-step Promotion Planning Model in the context of their own environment, drawing attention to best practices and lessons learned that can inspire action and support successful application. Interactions also include demonstrations, large group discussions and a game show.