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Making index insurance better through a client-centred approach

Duration: 1 day


Index insurance can act as a safety net and risk mitigation mechanism that reduces vulnerability to climate and weather risks and increases the feasibility of productive investment. This workshop explores the lessons that have been learned by index insurance providers to date with respect to strengthening their value proposition in the low-income market. It takes a client-centred approach because doing so sheds light on the reasons for past performance as well as the opportunities for future success.

Training Objectives:

  • Identify key barriers to creating a strong client value proposition for index insurance in the low-income market
  • Analyse how index insurance providers are addressing these barriers using a client-centred approach
  • Identify opportunities for strengthening the client value proposition of their own index insurance product(s)

Who could benefit from the training:

This training is designed for insurers, distribution channels and aggregators that provide index insurance to (or are thinking about entering) the low-income market.


Built on adult learning methodologies, the workshop will draw on participants’ own experiences and the lessons learned from at least ten index insurance case studies to fuel large and small group discussions, problem-solving activities and analysis. Lectures will be kept to a minimum. Participants will have an opportunity to apply the training content to a specific challenge that is affecting the client value proposition of an existing or future index insurance product.