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Microinsurance key performance indicators

Duration: 3 days


The key performance indicators (KPIs) for microinsurance were established by a representative group of microinsurance practitioners and are vital to measure the financial performance of a microinsurance programme. This training will provide practitioners with the tools, knowledge and confidence to understand and use these KPIs to improve their microinsurance programme. 

This training module is provided by Microfact, a joint initiative of ADA and BRS, and is delivered through a partnership with the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility.

Training Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and use the KPIs to improve their microinsurance program. 
  • Understand the key principles of performance management for microinsurance.
  • Calculate each indicator, including understanding and obtaining the necessary data from the Factsheet template for the calculations.
  • Analyse and interpret the results from each indicator.
  • Identify potential areas for improvement in a microinsurance program based on the information provided by the KPIs.

Who could benefit from the training:

  • Financial decision makers, such as financial or general managers, with or without microinsurance experience.
  • Practitioners involved with an on-going microinsurance program that want to implement or expand their organisation’s use of KPIs.  


Built on adult learning methodologies, the sessions of the training are interactive and utilise a combination of group activities, small group exercises, case study analysis and role play for experiential learning.

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