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Creating an enabling environment to improve client value

Briefing Note #:

  3 (Client Value Series)


  Creating an enabling environment to improve client value


Camyla Fonseca, ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility
Aparna Dalal, ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility

Date of Publication:

  September 2014


The last brief of Client Value series provides recommendations for policy-makers, regulators and funders on how to create an enabling environment that promotes client value. The insights are based on new impact evidence of microinsurance and the experience of countries where governments and donors are using insurance related interventions to achieve public policy objectives or develop the market. The brief presents ten blueprints to guide government and donor decisions and actions across the three main dimensions 1) insurance promotion through public-private partnerships (PPPs) and subsidies; 2) investment in infrastructure and client education; and 3) regulation and supervision.

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