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Changing the perception of microinsurance -- CNSeg

About the Project

Project Name: Changing the perception of microinsurance -- CNSeg
Type of Facility Project: Microinsurance innovation grantee
Country of Operation: Brazil
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Sub Topics: Country experience, Consumer protection, Partnerships, Consumer education, Impact

Organizational Overview

CNSeg, the Brazilian Insurance Confederation, congregates key actors of the insurance industry, coordinates political actions, elaborates strategic sector planning and conducts activities in the common interest to the four Federations: General Insurance, Private Pension & Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization.


Project Description

CNseg, the association of insurance organizations in Brazil, aimed to build an informed client base among the low-income community and developed a methodology for the sector to effectively disseminate information about insurance. The project’s goal was to raise awareness about insurance and to educate low-income individuals and related commercial enterprises in the formal and informal economy. CNseg conducted a pilot study in Santa Marta community in Rio de Janeiro's southern region to ...READ MORE


The project targets approximately eight thousand people in the favela (the Brazilian name for slum) of Santa Marta. The local population comprises poorly educated, low-income individuals who do not have access to financial education or insurance. The project, if successfully replicated, could reach significant numbers of the estimated 30 million persons residing in low and medium income households throughout Brazil.


Learning Agenda

  • How to design, implement and monitor a multimedia campaign for insurance education?
  • What is the impact of the education campaign on households living in the Santa Marta favela with regard to their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards risk-management and insurance? To what extent does the campaign improve risk-management behaviour and increase take up of available microinsurance products?
  • What role can the insurance association play to build an insurance culture among low-income households? What is the most appropriate strategy for CNSeg in the medium-term?

Project Status

Key Performance Indicators

Date of pilot launch: January 1st, 2010

Project Updates
As of November 2010 Radio broadcasts were one of the most important dissemination channels. CNseg partnered with the local community radio, whose listenership reaches up to 70 per cent of the local population. The project engaged a well-known Brazilian advertising person to write the scripts, giving him liberty to format the programmes as he deemed most effective. Instead of a series of soap opera pieces the project used standalone stories on insurance. The stories were broadcast four times d...READ MORE

Project Lessons

On establishing trust with the target audience It is important to collaborate with local leaders to secure buy-in within the community and achieve better results. One of the very first steps of the project was to establish a partnership with an institution that already had a relationship of trust within the community (the association of dwellers in the case of Estou Seguro). It was crucial to involve community leaders in the decision making processes in orde...READ MORE
On assessing local resources and risks It is important to understand the characteristics of the media infrastructure and assess the potential risks faced by the campaign. Two major difficulties had to be overcome regarding the dissemination of the campaign. The first one relates to the short film. Initially, the film was to be screened in a movie theatre during a festival. Unfortunately CNseg had not realized that the programme of the 2010 festival catered e...READ MORE
On the design of the campaign Long term interventions based on local media and a variety of messages work well. To digest the information, people have to be exposed regularly to the campaign’s messages over a long period, particularly when the level of education of the target group is low. Information must be clear and brief, as respondents to the end line survey stated: “daily tasks and obligations do not allow for time to be wasted in ‘novelties’....READ MORE
On the best processes to produce and deliver the content The content of the campaign needs to be designed collaboratively between the different partners to ensure relevance. Media producers know how to craft impactful messages for their audience, but it is important to consult with the industry and the community to increase the relevance of the content. CNSeg, the insurers involved in the project, and the National school of insurance brought their technical ...READ MORE
On campaign management Increase community participation in the campaign can increase the sustainability of the project. Hiring local actors for the theatre plays to attract the attention of residents was a successful strategy. Qualitative and quantitative research indicates that residents paid more attention to the means of communication that employed local actors. Moreover, these actors became natural advocates of the project, even when they were not on sta...READ MORE
On the impact of consumer education campaigns Conducting the survey with the help of community guides proved useful to increase data quality. Community guides accompanying the interviewers in the first stage of research and for the end line survey increased the security of the interviewers and maximized the response rate. Since the community guides, chosen in partnership with the resident association, were well known in Santa Marta, they could easily access ...READ MORE
On the media and their cost-effectiveness Advantages and disadvantages of different media channels for insurance financial education   Video   Street theatre   Radio Soap Opera   Pros   Portability: You can disseminate your movie through different means (TV, theatre, Internet, streets, at home on mobile devices)....READ MORE
On the financial education interventions Despite of high intensity campaigns, focused financial education interventions struggle to reach wider audiences, prompting for questions of how to work with media that leads to higher exposure. Only a limited number of residents have been exposed to the education campaign. Despite the intensity of the media activities, the end line survey showed that the campaign reached altogether a small fraction of the community (...READ MORE
On the role of an insurance association Insurance associations can play an active role to promote an insurance culture among low-income households and to sensitize the insurance sector to the specific needs of that market. The Estou Seguro project contributed to promoting microinsurance in Brazil. The project served to reveal that not only low-income people but also insurance providers needed information. Insurance products won’t be relevant for low-income...READ MORE
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Date of last update:  July 2014