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Comprehensive financial product for Indonesian women -- PNM

Country of Operation: Indonesia
Region: Asia and the Pacific
Sub Topics: Business models, Enrollment, Sales, Product development, Demand

Organizational Overview

PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise engaged in financial services. The company was founded in 1999 and aims to assist the development of micro-, small-, medium- and cooperative businesses. PNM offers “PNM Mekaar” since 2015. PNM Mekaar is a group-lending product for women who manage microbusinesses and who earn less than USD 2 per day. PNM Mekaar helps its members by providing benefits such as financing working capital without collateral, business capacity development and assistance with financial management for families.


Project Description

PNM aims to further develop PNM Mekaar into a more comprehensive financial product “PNM Mekaar Plus”, targeting customers who have joined a year ago. The project targets 5,000 women as a pilot and will then slowly scale up to PNM’s entire customer base of 3.1 million.


Activities Overview

PNM Mekaar Plus wants to solve problems related to poverty, lack of education, information and access to health services. Acquiring new strategies to reduce poverty, PNM Mekaar Plus is expected to be a programme for low-income women to improve their wellbeing. Customers of PNM Mekaar Plus would be protected from shocks to their existing business, such as illness, or death of breadwinners. PNM Mekaar Plus will also facilitate the members with capacity building, such as health knowledge sharing and financial education.


Learning Agenda

  • Understanding the risk management needs and strategies of low-income women
  • Exploring the value of savings and insurance solutions for members
  • Learning how to offer integrated financial services to low-income households
Date of last update:  June 2019