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Integrated wealth management solution for low-income households -- Dvara KGFS

Country of Operation: India
Region: Asia and the Pacific
Sub Topics: Business models, Client interface, Product development, Demand

Organizational Overview

Dvara KGFS was founded in 2008 with the goal of ensuring that every individual and enterprise has complete access to financial services. Dvara KGFS works to achieve this goal by setting up a network of branches in remote rural areas that offer a range of financial products to its customers. Dvara KGFS currently operates in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttarakhand and Karnataka.


Project Description

The ILO and Dvara KGFS will work together to develop a suite of credit, savings, insurance, and investment products using the plan-grow-protect-diversify framework of Dvara KGFS. The products will support and protect the financial goals of low-income households, including low-income workers, small-scale farmers and micro- and small enterprises. The project includes the delivery of digital financial services and extension of existing social protection schemes.


Activities Overview

The project will undertake the following activities:

  • Refinement of Dvara KGFS’s wealth management tool
  • Development of the product suite
  • Digitalization of financial services
  • Improvement of the customer engagement plan

Learning Agenda

  • Understanding the risk management strategies of low-income households
  • Understanding the financial goals and priorities of low-income households
  • Exploring the value of microinsurance to clients
  • Exploring the value of micro investments to clients
  • Learning how to offer integrated financial services to low-income households
Date of last update:  June 2019