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Parametric Insurance products for guarding individuals and businesses against risks of high wind speeds and excessive rainfal -- GK General Insurance

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Sub Topics: Business models, Other channels, Client interface, Financial institutions, Country experience, Premium collection, Renewals, Promotion, Partnerships, Consumer education, Demand, Property, Agriculture

Organizational Overview

Grace Kennedy General Insurance Company (GK General Insurance) provides insurance security to individuals and companies across a number of Caribbean territories. It provides a suite of general insurance products.


Activities Overview

The Facility collaborates with MCII for the second phase of the Climate Risk Insurance and Adaptation in the Caribbean project to build capacity of both insurers and distribution channels (providers) and create awareness and better understanding among consumers in the Caribbean markets. The project with GK General Insurance is part of this collaboration and consists of two phases - a first phase in which knowledge and experience are gathered as lessons learned, and a second phase in which these lessons will be implemented. The project with GK General Insurance covers the countries Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago.


Date of last update:  April 2018