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Impact Insurance through Change Management

To enhance the impact of the insurance industry, and successfully meet the risk management needs of low-income households and SMEs, insurers need to innovate and develop client-centric products and processes that are cost-effective and viable in the long-term. This is rarely possible without substantial changes to business models, operating procedures or internal structures. Having supported innovations at over sixty organizations, we have seen that organizations often need to go through a systematic change management process to get ready to effectively serve the low-income market.


The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility and Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA) launched a new partnership in 2016 to support insurers to provide valuable and scalable insurance solutions to low-income households and SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through this partnership, the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility work with six insurers and distributors to implement organisational change management and product innovation.


A list of interventions includes:

  • Spur innovation, build capacity and identify and implement the necessary organizational changes
  • Work with providers to scale the innovations quickly to achieve sustainability, while gradually improving customer and shareholder value.
  • Develop change management tools and demonstration cases that can be shared with the broader industry to facilitate the generation of innovative insurance solutions for the low-income market.

Innovation partners

Four innovation and change management projects were launched with the following organizations: Britam (Kenya), Nyala Insurance Company (Ethiopia), AXA Mansard (Nigeria) and  SUNU Assurances Vie (Côte d’Ivoire). In addition, Kifiya and Equity Insurance Agency, our existing innovation partners supported by AFD, receive support on implementing a systematic change management process to more effectively provide insurance to the low-income market. 

Partner - Country/Region

Project details



Digital ; Bundling


Britam wants to leverage existing strengths and refocus their microinsurance business to be more client-centric, have lower administrative cost and risk, be simple-to-administer and focus on working with strategically aligned aggregators. 



Bundling ; Agriculture

Change management to innovate and scale microinsurance

Nyala recently established a microinsurance department within the company. The Facility provides support for this new department to strengthen its strategy, business case, partnership management and understanding the low-income market. In particular, the project supports Nyala to broaden its microinsurance strategy beyond agriculture, and to work with a range of aggregators in Ethiopia.

AXA Mansard


Health; Bundling 

New products and channels

The project supports the setup up a new unit that operates fully independent from the rest of the business. New capacities are needed to build a team that would work in different elements of the value chain, from research and product design, to operations and marketing. The project supports AXA to develop a broad product portfolio and distribution strategy.

SUNU Assurances Vie

Côte d'Ivoire

Bundling ; Digital

Life insurance at small prices for everyone

SUNU plans to refine its new strategy on alternative distribution. A new unit is set up to be in charge of handling alternative distribution enabling the SUNU to take up activities that have traditionally been performed by intermediaries. The project supports SUNU to provide life insurance to the low-income segment beyond mobile customers. The project supports the creation of an IT SUNU that is independent from the existing mobile-network operator’s platform.



Agriculture ; Bundling ; Digital

Using a technology platform and public-private partnerships to offer insurance at scale

The project supports Kifiya’s agricultural insurance offering as well as its strategy to broaden its insurance offering into other product types such as health, livestock and funeral insurance.

Equity Insurance Agency


SME; Bundling

Digitising insurance provision

Equity Insurance Agency is implementing a new digitisation strategy to make it easier for low-income and mass market segments to access and use insurance. The main activities identified are: offering insurance through a digital platform such as Easy Pay (Easy Pay is Equity Bank’s mobile platform that clients can use to perform banking transactions); offering a freemium mobile insurance product through Equitel; and digitizing the insurance back-end procedures. 


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