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The Facility generates knowledge from its pool of almost a hundred projects in more than 35 countries, as well as partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. You can explore this knowledge through a range of resources – from quick updates to papers exploring one theme in depth.


Lessons from insurance practice

This section presents lessons learned by our insurance practitioner partners implementing various types of insurance schemes targeted towards financially excluded populations.



Emerging Insights

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Our publications explore one theme or project in more depth. They include Microinsurance Papers, Briefing Notes, and Research Papers. To view the publications by type, click here.



Training Modules and Tools

Access our range of tools, such as handbooks, exercises, and checklists, to support your work in impact insurance. 




Our events are known for addressing pressing questions in impact insurance with real-life expertise. If you miss out on an online or in-person event, catch up through our webinar recordings and Lesson Reports.

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We capture on video insights from leading figures in impact insurance.