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Impact Insurance through Change Management - Call for proposals

The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility, in partnership with FSD Africa, is inviting proposals from insurers that are looking to implement organizational changes in order to provide valuable and scalable insurance solutions to low-income households or small and medium enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To enhance the impact of the insurance industry, and successfully meet the risk management needs of MSMEs and low-income households, insurers need to innovate and develop client-centric products and processes that are cost-effective and viable in the long-term. This is rarely possible without substantial changes to business models or organizational structures. Having supported innovations at over sixty organizations, we have seen that organizations often need to go through a systematic change management process to get ready to effectively serve the low-income market.

We are looking for insurers that want to deliver innovative solutions to the low-income market, but need to undergo organizational changes in order to do so. We will support partners through the innovation cycle, build capacity, and identify and implement organizational changes needed to effectively serve the low-income market.

Support will be provided through technical assistance from the Facility team and experts, the placement of a fellow with the partner for two years to provide technical inputs and project management support, and limited grant funding.