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10 years of Impact Insurance!

Date of Release:

  December 2018

The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2018. We are proud of our decade-long journey to enable the insurance sector, governments and their partners to reduce households’ vulnerability, promote stronger enterprises and facilitate better public policies. Join us as we take stock of where we are, what we’ve learnt and how we plan to continue forward. Through the year, we shared lessons and experiences from the past, examine the current trends, and present ideas for the future.

This page lists the many events we organized to mark this special occasion.




  • We released a first brief Ten Years of Impact Insurance, which chronicles some successful case studies of the past decade. 
  • On our Medium blog we have launched a blog series on a decade of impact insurance. Stay tuned for more posts on accomplishments, changes and current trends and interviews with key players and experts!
  • We organized a video contest, in which we invited former and current partners to share their journeys over the last decade.