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New fellowship opportunity in Indonesia

Date of Release:

  May 17, 2017

The Facility is seeking a suitable candidate to take up a fellowship hosted by our innovation partner AXA in Jakarta, Indonesia. The successful candidate will support the Emerging Customers team in Indonesia to develop tailored products to better address customer needs.

Check out the terms of reference and don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the Fellowship Programme. We are accepting applications until June 26, 2017 (midnight CEST). Apply for this Fellowship opportunity on our website.

The Facility’s Fellowship Programme encourages professionals with substantial experience in the insurance industry to use their expertise to effectively provide insurance to low-income markets. The Facility sponsors this fellowship as part of its partnership with AXA. 

About the host organization
AXA is the leading global insurer with a new strategy to provide valuable insurance solutions to low- and middle-income families in emerging markets. Indonesia is one of the focus countries of the new Emerging Customers initiative.