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Organization for Women in Self Employment (WISE)

About the Product(s)

Countries of Operation: Ethiopia
Product status: Active
Number of Members: Approximately 1,800 SACCO members (20% of total membership of WISE) have opted to take this product as of 2010.
Institutional Model: Community-based health insurance/mutuelle
Type of Coverage: Savings linked
Type of Policy: Group policy
Provider of health services: Both public and private providers

WISE uses the services of private clinics and laboratories, often staffed by volunteers and with some of these health providers providing free services. Health insurance clients can also visit government clinics (where user fees apply).

Benefits and services covered: In-patient and out-patient care

Women enroled in the scheme receive a primary healthcare cover of up to Birr 500 (about US$50) per year. 

Premium Amount: Women that have selected the health insurance product are required to pay a monthly premium of Birr 5 (about US$0.50)
Frequency of premium payment: Payment in regular installments
Other information:

This product is not underwritten by a formal insurer and is managed on a self- insurance basis. WISE has been able to manage their product (until now) on a break-even basis, with total premiums mostly being equivalent to total claims paid.