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National Health Insurance Fund (Tanzania)

About the Product(s)

Countries of Operation: Tanzania
Product status: Active
Number of Members: The scheme has 1,142,378 members, equal to 3% of the population.
Institutional Model: Public/social insurance
Type of Policy: Individual + family policy
Benefits and services covered: In-patient and out-patient care

Benefits for all insured include a wide range of preventative and curative medical care benefits. Coverage includes the registration/consultation fee, basic diagnostic tests, out-patient services, in-patient care at fixed rates per day, minor surgery, major in- and out-patient specialized services, physiotherapy and dental services, glasses, prostheses and services to retirees.

Premium Amount: The premium amount for public sector employees is 6% of their salary. The employee pays 3% and the employer pays 3%.

More about the scheme/information sources


  1. USAID's Health Systems 20/20  


Last updated January 2013.