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Overview of Health Microinsurance

The Microinsurance Network (MiN) promotes the development and proliferation of good-value insurance services for low-income persons by providing a platform for information sharing and stakeholder coordination. The Network’s Health Working Group provides a forum for health insurance professionals to share lessons and disseminate information on various models of health insurance targeted at low-income households. With the financial support of MiN and sponsorship of Abt Associates, Denis Garand and Associates, and the Microinsurance Innovation Facility, the MiN Health Working Group recently developed an inventory of health microinsurance schemes and a repository of lessons learned from these schemes.

To learn more about how to search for products and lessons in the Inventory, click here to watch the video walk-through.

For additional information, visit the Microinsurance Network’s website, the Network’s Health Working Group webpage and the Health Working Group Health Insurance Products Inventory in the Center for Health Market Innovations.

Map of Health Microinsurance Products
Health Microinsurance Products Inventory

Health microinsurance offers a promising way to mitigate the risks of ill health and provides hope that the poor will receive, at a minimum, reliable, adequate access to affordable health care. The Health Microinsurance Products Inventory is a repository of more than 100 active and terminated health insurance products offered to low-income persons in low- and middle-income countries by commercial insurers, community organizations, governments, microfinance institutions, mutuals and non-governmental organizations, among others. The inventory provides detailed information on the design, administration and delivery of health insurance products and services.

Click on the following link to access the Health Microinsurance Products Inventory.

Emerging Lessons in Health Microinsurance Inventory

While recent figures indicate that more than 40 million people worldwide have some form of health microinsurance coverage, little is known about the impact of health microinsurance on health outcomes and household well-being. Consequently, lessons based on the experiences of health microinsurance programmes can serve as a guide to overcome many challenges that limit the
growth and impact of the sector.

The Health Microinsurance Emerging Lessons Inventory includes lessons extracted from academic journals, publications by Health Working Group members and partner organizations and submissions from practitioners and other stakeholders actively working in health microinsurance and health systems innovation.

Click here to access the Health Microinsurance Emerging Lessons Inventory.