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PlaNet Guarantee (PG), created in 2007, is a subsidiary of the PlaNet Finance Group dedicated to the promotion and development of microinsurance systems. PG is an insurance and reinsurance broker that offers innovative products responding to the needs and the financial capacities of microentrepreneurs and their families. It has access, through PlaNet Finance, to a network of 315 MFIs and currently covers more than 100 000 microentrepreneurs in Egypt, Cameroun, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

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"It is indispensible for the microfinance sector to offer products and services which protect the fragile financial equilibrium of the poor. PlaNet Guarantee should be able to reach 7 million micro-entrepreneurs in 20 countries." Jaques Attali, Chairmain of PlaNet Guarantee's Conseil de surveillance
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