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Workshop on Microinsurance market development

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  December 11, 2014


  Bogota, Colombia


The ILO's Impact Insurance Facility, Fasecolda (Federation of Colombian Insurers) and Financial Superintendence of Colombia organized the workshop that aimed to bring together the key players in the insurance market to identify risks, opportunities and define a strategic plan for the development of microinsurance in the short and medium term.

The workshop was attended by over 80 participants including insurers, regulators, suppliers, associations and NGOs. The main theme was capacity building and pilot programs to meet the needs of low income population in Colombia and motivating insurers to participate in creating an inclusive insurance market. According to the director of microinsurance in Fasecolda, Alejandra Diaz: "The workshop promoted dialogue between different actors for the construction of a strategic plan, activities, responsibilities and time to overcome the obstacles and opportunities to achieve an increasingly inclusive microinsurance market."