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"Making inclusive insurance work" webinar series: Health (part 1): Telemedicine, insurance and Universal Health Coverage

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  February 28, 2017




As part of the global agenda of insuring for sustainable development, the Facility and the PSI Initiative organize a webinar series with the theme, “Making inclusive insurance work”. The third webinar had the topic "Health (part 1): Telemedicine, insurance and Universal Health Coverage" and was held on 28 February 2017. Speakers during this webinar were: Dr Peter Benjamin (Health Enabled), Jody Delichte (Inclusivity Solutions) and Andrew Smith (Tonic, Telenor’s m-Health service in Bangladesh). Moderator: Lisa Morgan (ILO's Impact Insurance Facility).

The entire webinar can be rewatched on our YouTube channel. You can access the slides of the webinar through SlideShare. Some of the questions in the Q&A session of the webinar were left unanswered. The panellists have taken a look into these and you can access their responses here.