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The journey towards digital insurance

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  July 26, 2018




On July 26, 2018, the Facility, in partnership with FSDA and AFD, organized a webinar on "The journey towards digital insurance: from strategy to implementation". 

Digital technology and insurtech solutions facilitate access to low-income and emerging markets in various ways. This includes using digital channels, reducing operational costs through automation and using alternative information on customers for risk assessment and pricing. 

For an insurance provider, a digital journey involves transforming processes and, more fundamentally, changing how a business operates. The three key areas on this journey are innovation management, a focus on customer experience and creating new models, such as partnerships with insurtech firms. 

This webinar highlights the digital journeys of two organisations: Equity Insurance Agency (EIA), an insurance intermediary in Kenya that is in the process of digitizing its entire suite of offerings, and Inclusivity Solutions, an Insurtech firm based in South Africa that is partnering with EIA and other insurance providers to offer digital insurance solutions. 

Presenters: Indira Gopalakrishna (Equity Insurance Agency) and Jeremy Leach (Inclusivity Solutions). Moderator: Aparna Dalal (the ILO's Impact Insurance Facility).

The entire webinar can be rewatched on our YouTube channel. You can access the slides of the webinar through SlideShare.