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Peer Learning 2013: Client Value Assessment of SAJIDA Foundation’s Nirapotta product

Type of Event:

  Peer Exchange


  April 8-11, 2013


  Dhaka, Bangladesh


Hosted by SAJIDA, the main goal of the second peer exchange was to analyze the client value proposition of the Nirapotta product. The objectives were to identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvements under the dimensions of product, access, cost, and experience. It also aimed to identify possible adaptations of Nirapotta for better off and ultra-poor clients and to assess opportunities for introducing a voluntary product.



This analysis built on the previous client value assessment carried out by SAJIDA Foundation in 2012 that resulted in many improvements. This time the group looked at how these improvements improved value for clients, especially in relation to claims processing, health cash benefits, premium structure, educational campaigns, and value-added services, including integration with SAJIDA’s health programme.

Nirapotta has evolved to become a very good mandatory product that serves the needs of typical SAJIDA clients. As SAJIDA has some distinct client income segments in its portfolio, there is opportunity to provide better client value by customizing the product to the ultra-poor client segment and by providing voluntary top-up options for those who can afford to buy more coverage. This is in line with the higher risk-management needs of better-off clients (more assets to insure, use of private clinics for health care, etc.).

The assessment was conducted by 21 people, including SAJIDA Foundation staff and PLG members from Kenya, Peru, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Colombia, and the USA, and facilitators from the ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility. 

Applying the PACE methodology, the PLG suggested the following actions:

  • Cover members in between loans and savers, who make up 14 per cent of Sajida’s clients. Do this by linking the insurance premium to a time period instead of the loan period. Explore an opt-out for savers. Explore savings accounts deduction or up-front payments.
  • Allow top-up options for additional members. Policy holders and enterprise loan borrowers should be able to add additional family members or staff of their micro-enterprise to their policy for additional premiums.
  • Market Nirapotta to Sajida Hospital card holders, as Nirapotta members get better benefits than hospital card members. Convert them to borrowers if possible. Research is required in this area.



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