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Keeping PACE with client value

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  July 15, 2013


  Financial institutions, Improving value, Composite products, Health, Life


  SAJIDA Foundation

SAJIDA Foundation, a microfinance institution in Bangladesh, offers a composite microinsurance product (called Nirapotta) that is mandatory for all its borrowers. The product includes health insurance, loan and life insurance and fire insurance, and provides value-added services including education scholarships, services from community health workers, and legal aid.

In 2012 SAJIDA reviewed the product, using the Facility’s PACE tool, to identify potential areas of improvement for clients. By conducting this systematic review of the product and related processes, SAJIDA was able to identify enhancements along the four dimensions of Product, Access, Cost and Experience. SAJIDA found the PACE tool as a useful way to consolidate and then prioritize the various changes. The diagram shows how the previous and current versions of the product were rated and identifies the improvements implemented by SAJIDA, which included increased fire cover, new community health workers to improve access to health care and modified price for adding children.

SAJIDA believes that the new product offers much better value for clients. The next step to further improve the product is to customize its features to better meet the needs of specific client segments.

To learn more, see the SAJIDA Foundation case brief. You can also view the video on "Putting clients first: the case of SAJIDA foundation".