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The best of 2019

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  January 28, 2020



In 2019, the Impact Insurance Facility continued to draw insights from pioneering companies that are contributing to the development agenda. Our Emerging Insights of 2019 covered a variety of topics, ranging from innovation labs for inclusive insurance, partnerships with governments to offer agriculture insurance, digitalization of renewal processes, to client personas and alternative distribution channels. Below are the three most popular Emerging Insights from 2019. 

  1. The future of impact insurance. How many ways can the financial services and insurance industry contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? Perhaps, more than we think, as this insight shows. 
  2. Insights from Britam’s 10-year journey. How do you set up an independent, profitable business unit focusing on the low-income sector? Britam, a diversified financial group based in Kenya, launched its first microinsurance product in 2007. It is now the country’s market leader in the low-income market.  
  3. Using PACE to improve products. In 2017, we helped CIF Vie, an insurer in Burkina Faso, to assess why the sales of its voluntary life insurance products were low. It conducted a large market research amongst clients and used the insights to improve its business. Learn about CIF Vie's learning journey and how our project made a difference.