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Client personas can help to organize your data and serve real people

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  October 9, 2019


  Product development, Improving value, Demand


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When serving new market segments, many insurers are comfortable carrying out customer research. Where they often get stuck is putting those insights into practice, often because of internal issues like organization set-up, culture and processes.

Organizing your data and focusing on your clients’ priority needs is one such example. How does an insurance provider focus on the right set of customer priorities?

AXA has been using client personas as a blueprint for developing its products and processes. These personas are a powerful tool to keep AXA, but also its distribution partners, focused on the client and think about the specific needs of client segments. Personas to remind the team to design products that serve real people with real needs. Client personas also help to have a common vocabulary and understanding of client needs. This in turn helps to train frontline agents to respond to clients’ needs and questions when talking about sensitive topics such as health or accidents.

Client personas are just one of six different strategies that organizations can use to act on client insights. Read our latest Case Brief for the strategies to build a culture, structure and operations that are capable of responding to your clients’ needs.