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A decade of Impact Insurance

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  March 27, 2019




  The Facility

Looking back on the celebration of the Facility’s first 10 years

The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2018 and its journey enabling the insurance sector, supporting governments to reduce households’ vulnerability, promoting stronger enterprises and facilitating better public policies. Over the course of last year we shared many lessons from the past decade as well as reflections on current trends and how they will shape the future.

We held two webinars in 2018, the first presented the new 3-D Client Value Assessment tool. The 3-D Client Value Assessment tool provides a multi-dimensional approach on how to evaluate the value proposition of an agricultural index insurance product for potential or existing client. This tool was developed in collaboration with our long-standing partner, the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Assets and Market Access (AMA Innovation Lab) at UC Davis, and this webinar recording offers a great overview of this powerful tool. The second webinar, Putting client insights into practice, chronicled the experience of partners in Latin America and Africa with something that is more difficult than it seems – converting client data into insights their business in a successful and responsible way.

2018 was packed with other activities related to our anniversary: a competition where readers were invited to vote for their favourite Emerging Insight; a video contest in which a great number of current and former partners participated; and the launch of the brand-new Impact Insurance Academy held in partnership with ITCILO. Click here to read about the successful first edition of the Academy and check out the 2019 Academy website to sign up for the next edition!

Go to our website for an overview of all our events and publications highlighting the 10-year anniversary of the Facility.