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Growing claims to avoid growing pains

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  March 20, 2017


  Claims, Improving value, Demand



A growth journey powered by a focus on claims

From 2009 to 2016, the microinsurance programme of the Pioneer Group of Insurance Companies* in the Philippines grew from 20,000 policies to 20 million microinsurance enrollments. While a number of factors contributed to this growth, including leadership, establishment of a dedicated microinsurance team, and strong partnerships with aggregators, Pioneer believes that a driving force has been their focus on claims.

Pioneer microinsurance staff (across all levels) conduct client immersion visits to understand the needs and wants of clients. When asked what they want from insurers, each and every client said: an insurer that pays claims.

This led Pioneer to take steps to design claims processes that provide value to clients, including:

  • paying claims within 5 days from time of document submission
  • working with partners to ensure that the period from the time of the event to document submission is streamlined as much as possible
  • adjusting the documentation requirement to fit the realities of clients’ lives (for example, signed testimonies from partner representatives and disinterested parties are accepted as alternatives to a death certificate if the latter cannot be produced)
  • making exceptions on claims payments for claims that could be rejected, for example. The decision to reject a claim go to the Head of Microinsurance for final approval. This allows the highest authority in the programme the opportunity to find a reason to pay the claim.
  • allowing positive claims experiences to serve as marketing through word of mouth.  Clients, partner representatives, and agents are encouraged to share claims experiences in client meetings. Where practical and appropriate, claim settlements are released at the insured’s wake.
  • measuring whether clients whose claims are rejected understand why this was the case

These claims policies are part of a broader push within Pioneer to be “client centric” rather than “product centric”. This effort focuses on creating an ecosystem within the organization that focuses on client centricity. To learn more about these efforts, listen to the recording of the Facility’s webinar on “Clients and impact metrics”.

The webinar is the first of a five-part webinar series “Making inclusive insurance work”, organized jointly by ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility and the UNEP’s PSI Initiative. The webinar featured Geric Laude from CARD Pioneer Microinsurance and Patrick Mommeja from Allianz Africa.

The entire webinar can be watched on the Facility’s YouTube channel. You can access the slides of the webinar through SlideShare

*Pioneer’s total microinsurance portfolio has generated USD19Million of premiums in 2016.  In order to further improve its impact and outreach, the Pioneer Group launched a joint venture with CARD MRI in 2014, CARD Pioneer Microinsurance Inc. CPMI is non-life microinsurance company, and is a market leader in providing protection to the Filipino poor against risks associated with weather disturbances brought about by climate change.