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  September 22, 2015


  Other channels, Financial institutions, Claims, Enrollment, Savings-linked, Health, Transaction processing


  Uplift India Association and Teito

How Uplift used technology to improve client engagement and scale up operations

Uplift India Association, a partner of the Facility, implemented a new customized management information system (MIS) which halved enrolment time and reduced claims turnaround time from an average of 45 to 10 days in trial locations. Furthermore, the technology allowed Uplift to make better use of community decision making.

Uplift had been using manual systems to provide health care benefits to members of its partner organisations. While communication and service levels were good due to Uplift’s frequent contact with customers, the processes were lengthy. Enrolment required manual transfer of documents, central printing at Uplift, with photos attached manually, and then distribution by post. At the time of claims too, documents were manually reviewed by claims committees to reach a decision, which was often very time consuming.

In order to improve and automate these processes, Uplift worked with Tieto to develop a web-based MIS. The system was designed to incorporate community input, which is important to Uplift’s model. Community representatives meet to define the criteria for claims, and these criteria are entered into the system to assess claims. The claim document can be uploaded to the system from any location and can be checked by an underwriter elsewhere without the need for physical transfer of documents.

Thanks to Teito’s pro-bono support, the technology has been implemented in several pilot locations with remarkable results. Uplift is now scaling up use of the system to all locations.

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