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Research & Innovation


The Research & Innovation initiative aims to support improved practice by partnering with leading practitioners to design, evaluate and share “game changing” solutions within five focus areas listed below.

We apply an innovation management strategy based on core principles (Box 3 AR) and a systematic step-by-step approach:

The R&I projects will serve as demonstration cases for the broader industry. The initiative will also conduct thematic and impact research of successful schemes to identify lessons and best practices that can be disseminated to the broader industry. 

Fellows will provide technical and programme management support to each partner as part of the Research and Innovation initiative. Our fellowship programme matches qualified insurance professionals with organizations working on the frontiers of impact insurance, in order to fill the skills gap and create a new generation of professionals with relevant experience. The programme provides a unique opportunity for professionals to gain hands-on experience and learn to adapt their expertise to enhance the impact of insurance. At the same time, with the fellow working on-site, the host organization can use his or her expertise to build its own capacity. The Facility launched its second Fellowship Programme in 2016.


The main focus of the Research and Innovation initiative is to support innovation partners to design and implement game-changing solutions as described above. In addition, the initiative focuses on the following activities:

  • Leverage synergies through research partnerships with regional think-tanks that share the same objective and goals.
  • Focused evaluations of successful schemes to address specific questions in a cost-effective way. 
  • Rigorous impact studies of the most successful innovation projects that are ready for scale up.


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