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Building a sustainable local training infrastructure


Despite growing knowledge on how to provide insurance solutions to the bottom-of-the-pyramid, the majority of insurers and distributors in emerging markets struggle to offer insurance products that are viable for them and valuable for consumers. Capacity gaps among managers are inhibiting the progress. At the local and regional levels, often training programmes are unavailable and training providers have limited technical capabilities to address training needs. At the global level, the growing body of knowledge on inclusive insurance is yet to be organized into a formal programme that follows rigorous standards.

We work at the local, regional and global levels to address these capacity building gaps. At the local and regional levels, we search for promising training institutes in markets where we operate and partner with them to help them develop more skilled trainers and provide them with high quality ILO-developed training modules that can form part of their core training portfolio and contribute to a sustainable business model.

Our approach

ILO's Impact Insurance Facility and CIFM sign a partnership agreement for capacity building in Nigeria​Our partnership with local and regional training institutes involves a mix of activities:

  • We start with the needs assessment of the training institutes to understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • We discuss with them and agree on an “Engagement plan” that details the activities during the partnership period – all geared towards strengthening the institutes’ capacity to offer sustainable training using ILO-developed training courses.
  • We co-organize ILO training courses delivered by ILO trainers during the partnership period.
  • We train and certify local trainers who will be able to deliver ILO training courses after the engagement period.
  • We mentor and coach the institutes and their trainers in order to provide more guidance as needed post-partnership.
  • Even after the engagement period, we track performance of each training given, and hold regular follow through activities to discuss improvements when necessary.

Our work at the local and regional levels forms part of a comprehensive capacity building programme.

Our local partners

We started to formalize our partnership with the following training institutes in mid-2015, and we continue to advance discussions with other potential partners. If you are an established insurance training institute that wishes to explore a partnership with us, please contact us at

Name: Academy of Learning  (AoL)

Area of operation: Bangladesh

Overview: The Academy is a private initiative, established in 2014 with the goal of involving the large group of Bangladeshi citizens under the age of 30 into the main financial stream of activities in the country. AoL offers trainings, seminars, opinion-building workshops for the professionals with a view to ensure the public interest. It also carries out research work with the aim of human resources development. Click here for coverage of the Bangladeshi newspaper Daily Observer of the signing of the agreement between the Facility and the Academy.


Name: Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific (IIAP)

Area of operation: Asia and Pacific

Overview: IIAP promotes the growth of the insurance industry through education, training and research and aspires to become the primary and preferred insurance institute for developing countries in Asia and the Pacific. In addition to its regular insurance courses, IIAP conducts special seminars on trends and developments in the insurance industry with international experts. IIAP also offers ILO courses in Malaysia, in partnership with the Malaysian Insurance Institute, and in Indonesia, in partnership with the Trisakti School of Insurance. More information about our partnership with IIAP can be seen here.


Name: College of Insurance and Financial Management (CIFM)

Area of operation: Nigeria

Overview: Established about five years ago as the training arm of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, CIFM aims to develop the human capital of Nigeria’s insurance sector through training seminars and workshops. The College runs a nine-month Diploma Programme to prepare students for professional exams conducted by the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria and part-time Certificate courses.


Name: College of Insurance (COI)

Area of operation: Kenya

Overview: The College of Insurance (COI) aims to be a global centre of excellence in the provision of education and training in insurance. The College offers certificate and diploma courses in insurance, as well as short management courses that aim to develop technical knowledge and skills related to current and emerging products triggered by competition and changing customer needs.


Name: Centre Professionnel de Formation en Assurance (CPFA)

Area of operation: Côte d'Ivoire

Overview: A decentralized unit of the Institut International des Assurances de Yaoundé  (I.I.A) in Cameroon, the CPFA offers a number of courses in insurance in Côte d'Ivoire.


NameCabinet Moeglin

Area of operation: Rwanda and Burundi

Overview: Cabinet Moeglin is a French consulting firm that has been active since 1986. It has actuarial and financial expertise and in partnership with Access to Finance Rwanda it offers trainings in the country.


NameInsurance Institute of Uganda (IIU)

Area of operation: Uganda

The IIU was established in 1964 as the training arm of Uganda's insurance sector. It carries out education, training and professional development activities. The IIU is a private tertiary institution, licensed by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) and all its programmes are accredited and recognized by NCHE. It offers a certificate of proficience, a certificate in insurance as well as a diploma in insurance.