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Who can become a Fellow? 

Mid-career insurance and/or financial services professionals who are keen to apply their skills to benefit the low-income and emerging markets and who have worked in a technical capacity for at least three years may participate.  University graduates with less than 3 years of professional experience may be offered a fellowship on an exceptional basis if they have a unique set of skills sought by a host.

The ideal fellowship candidates for a fellowship should:  

  • have relevant expertise to contribute to insurance and/or microfinance activities;
  • be interested in working in developing countries and in development issues;
  • have serious commitment to providing microinsurance and/or microfinance consulting services or practising as a microinsurance/microfinance professional on an ongoing basis after the assignment;
  • have project management skills;
  • be resourceful and capable of arranging practical necessities related to travel, life and work in a new environment
  • be ready to work in a developing country for the duration of the fellowship

Successful candidates would also have:

  • considerable self-initiative to be a proactive learner and to drive agreed upon activities forward
  • the ability to achieve objectives and solve problems independently
  • a willingness to challenge existing methods and explore a fresh approach to issues
  • strong social skills and collaborative spirit
  • the ability to work effectively and efficiently with staff at all levels of the relevant organization(s)
  • a willingness to learn from all of those in the host environment
  • a nurturing attitude that enables the fellow to pass on his/her technical expertise to the staff of the host organization.

Overview of fellowship opportunities

  • Fellowship opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia
    • Selection in process (August 2021)
  • Fellowship opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Position filled (March 2021)
  • Fellowship opportunity in the Philippines and Indonesia
    • Position filled (January 2019)
  • Fellowship opportunity in Mozambique
    • Position filled (January 2019)
  • Fellowship opportunities in Indonesia and the Philippines
    • Position filled (January 2019)

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