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Fellowship 2008-2013

As a part of its Stimulating Innovation 2008-2013 strategy, the Facility has created a cadre of 32 graduated fellows who worked in 25 countries. Most of Facility’s Fellows remain committed to microinsurance through their engagement with leading microinsurance providers across the continents. Check out our fellows below and see how they helped the Facility push the frontiers in microinsurance.

The Facility’s first fellow

To explore her interest in microinsurance, Clémence Tatin-Jaleran worked for ANED, a Bolivian MFI based in La Paz, for 6 months. During her fellowship, Clémence helped ANED select an insurance partner, conduct demand surveys, develop a micro life insurance product and develop a product launch plan. ‘’The development of this simple life product gave ANED the opportunity to be exposed to insurance concepts. It gives ANED a comfort level to initiate other microinsurance projects in the future.’’ - Clemence Tatin-Jaleran

What other graduated fellows have to say

The fellowship helped immensely in giving me a taste of what it’s like to be a professional working in microinsurance in a developing country. It enabled me to specialise as a microinsurance actuary, focused on agricultural microinsurance. Taking up the fellowship was perhaps the best decision of my career. - Agrotosh Mokerjee

The fellowship provided an excellent opportunity to drive microinsurance product implementation from start to finish.  It offered opportunities to learn practical and widely applicable skills in rolling out insurance, and learn how to work best in some of the world's more challenging contexts. - Carol Steward

The fellowship has given an excellent exposure on how an insurer can transition from traditional to non-traditional insurance products. It helped me understand the implementation aspects on the ground. Mentors provided extremely valuable technical inputs and made sure that the 'learning' happens simultaneously with actual implementation. - Mangesh Patankar