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The Fellowship Programme

The Facility’s Fellowship Programme encourages professionals with substantial experience in financial services and/or insurance to use their expertise to effectively provide technical assistance to low-income markets.

Throughout the Fellowship engagement, fellows will provide technical and project management support to an innovation project of a leading practitioner in the selected country.

The Facility pre-selects the host and defines the innovation project together with the host organization. The project could range from the design of a new product, implementing a new digital technology solution, creating a public-private partnership or working with new distribution channels or service providers and will focus on one or more of the following themes:

  • Bundling a range of financial services that improve consumers’ ability to manage risk

  • Developing insurance solutions that extend or supplement existing social protection schemes

  • Developing insurance and risk management products that benefit small-scale farmers and improve financial institutions’ risk management abilities

  • Providing risk management solutions to MSMEs

  • Delivering digital solutions that improve efficiencies and provide greater value to customer

Fellows will spend up to two years at a host organization, while having opportunities to support other partners/hosts throughout their fellowship.

Check out Become a Fellow for more information.

For additional information about the Programme, contact the Impact Insurance Facility at